Board of Directors and Officers

The Society is governed by a board of directors.  Directors and officers serve for two year terms. One member is appointed by the Supervisors of Palmyra Township, another is the Historian of Palmyra Township, the remainder of the board and the officers are elected by the membership in January of odd years.  There are currently 13 members on the board, including the four officers.  The current board consists of:

    Robert Essex - President

    Kristen Brown - Vice President

    Jon Tandy - Secretary

    Donna Stuccio - Treasurer

    Arnold T. Anderson

    Robert Ammon

    C. Richard Briden

    Rolf Moeller

    Gert Schleiker

    Donna Stuccio

    Bruce Taylor*

    Ann Weidenman


You can contact the board through the President by e-mailing Wallenpaupack Historical Society


* appointed to the board by the Palmyra Township Supervisors

+ Palmyra Township Historian (currently vacant)



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Last update: 6 September 2017