The Society operates through three standing committees:  Collections, Facilities, Historic Preservation Easement; and ad-hoc committees: Newsletter / Membership, Programs, Quilt Raffle, Publishing, Research, Finance and Fundraising.

The Collections Committee is charged with the collection, restoration, preservation and display of artifacts and documents relevant to the history of the area.

The Facilities Committee is charged with the maintenance and management of all properties owned or operated by the Society. The Committee has been working on the Purdytown Cemetery restoration, the maintenance of the Taft Cemetery and the restoration of the Williams House.

The Historic Preservation Easement Committee monitors the Historic Preservation Easements held by the Society.  Currently the Society holds one easement.

The Newsletter / Membership Committee publishes the monthly newsletter and handles all membership issues.

The Programs Committee schedules speakers and coordinates other events, including the dinners and the annual picnic.

The Quilt Raffle Committee coordinates ticket sales and the drawing for the quilt and other raffles.

The Publishing Committee works with authors to provide services to take a work from manuscript to final product. The Committee also manages the inventory of publications owned by the Society.

The Reseach Committee answers questions on local history.

The Finance Committee assists the Treasurer in creating an annual budget and overseeing the implementation of the budget.

The Fundraising Committee develops new sources of revenue for the Society.


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Last update: 23 March 2015