LaTournous Glass Collection

An accomplished cut glass artist, Mr. Ray LaTournous had an extensive collection of Dorflinger glass, now owned by Mr. James K. Asselstine. Access to the collection is during the normal hours of the restored Dorflinger Factory complex in White Mills, Pennsylvania. Call 570-253-0220 for hours and directions.  Photographs, along with a short narrative on the history or significance of each piece will be available on this site until Mr. Asselstine's website is up and running.  Follow the links below to access thumbnails of the pieces in a particular category of glass, or type of object.

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Decanters and Bottles

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Jugs and Pitchers

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Paper Weights

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Inkwells and Colognes

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Stemware and Beverage

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The Nicer Things

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Tools of the Trade

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Ray LaTournous

Mr. LaTournous has donated his life-long collection of books and pamphlets regarding American and European Cut and Engraved Glass, to the Wallenpaupack Historical Society. These materials are on loan to Mr. Asselstine at the Dorflinger Office. You may access these research materials (and more) by calling 570-253-0220.


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