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Historic Cemeteries

Part of the Society's effort to preserve our local history is to care for abandoned cemeteries. As a practical matter, the Pennsylvania statutes that require municipalities to care for abandoned cemeteries are ineffective since the amount of money they are allowed to spend on that care is very limited. Restoring a neglected cemetery can easily outstrip the allowed budget. Even mowing a few times a year is more expensive than a cash-strapped municipality can afford.

The Society has stepped in to take title (and responsibility) for two local family cemeteries that lacked continuing care. In both cases the families had long since moved from the area. Title to the cemeteries had transferred from generation to generation in vague clauses in wills or by the operation of law. No one in the local area knew who the inheritors were, and the inheritors had no idea they had any legal interest in a family cemetery.

The two cemeteries under the Society's care are not special. No one of national note is buried there. But each one is an important part in the Wallenpaupack area's story.

Taft Cemetery

Purdytown Cemetery



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Last update: 18 May 2019