LaTournous Glass Collection

Decanters and Bottles

DECANTER (Pair)  Clear glass; 1860-1875, FINE DIAMOND.  Much like decanters seen on sideboard, Feller book p 44 Fig 4-08.

Collection No 926

DECANTER  Clear glass, cut "Dresden".  If values of cut glass are important to appreciate these historically important items, the following should help.  A page from a Dorflinger catalog illustrating this decanter lists "Dresden"-1890 wholesale - not  handled $48.00, handled $52.00.  Today a single decanter's value - $1,800 to $2000.

Collection No 263

DECANTER  Clear glass, etched "Kalana Poppy"

Collection No 911

#790 DECANTER  Clear glass, footed; design "Kalana Poppy" Reference number 9.

Collection No NN 69

CARAFE  Clear glass, squat, cut "Dixie"

Collection No NN 97

CARAFE  Clear glass.  Reference Line Drawing ILL #3, "Renaissance"

Collection No NN 98

BOTTLE  Cut with mitred stopper, Lutz type pointsettia

Collection No 592

BOTTLE Mitre cuts/stopper, Lutz style blue flower

Collection No 593

BITTERS BOTTLE  Clear glass, sterling top stamped "Dorflinger".  Cut in "New American".  Any piece having a silver application this stamped is a rare find.

Collection No 343

BOTTLE  Small, druggist ware; Royal Blue, about 6"

Collection No 792

COLOGNE  Pressed (molded) square, clear glass; dug at factory site along wall near carriage house at Charles Dorflinger's on Charles Street.  Extra stopper.

Collection No 447

COLOGNE  White satin, lettered "Cologne"; two different band designs.  Stopper to match dug at Dorflinger factory grounds in the late 1930s.

Collection No NN 90

COLOGNE  White satin ornamentation- 1876.  Two bands black chain link marked "Centennial".  Extra stopper dug at factory site.

Collection No 631

COLOGNE  White satin ornamentation- 1879.  Two black floral bands.  Extra stopper dug at factory site.

Collection No 632

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