LaTournous Glass Collection

Inkwells and Colognes

INKWELL  Mixed colors, mostly red, made by Tobias Hagberg.

Collection No 234

INKWELL  Basically green, made by Tobias Hagberg.  Small spatter of colors that seem to float in the base was a signature of Mr. Hagberg.  This unit consists of three parts- the base, ink well liner and a cap.  All Hagberg inkwells listed here are of the same construction.

Collection No 242


COLOGNE  Ernst Von Dohlen.

Collection No 850


COLOGNE  Mixed colors, Ernst Von Dohlen.

Collection No 664

INKWELL  White with red and blue.  Tobias Hagberg.

Collection No 294

INKWELL  Hinged silver top, cut Hob Diamond on bottom.

Collection No 670

INKWELL  Formed loops, metal flip top.

Collection No 904

INKWELL  Mostly red.  Tobias Hagberg.

Collection No 431

INKWELL No inkwell liner, clear glass, covered.

Collection No NN 91

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