LaTournous Glass Collection

Jugs and Pitchers

JUG  #48 shape, two pint size.  Clear glass, cut "Strawberry Diamond and Fan", an old English pattern called "crossed-out diamond".

Collection No 249


FLEMISH JUG  Clear glass, cut "210" with swirl base (standard size).

Collection No 753

CREAMER  #95 shape.  Clear glass, cut "Royal".  This creamer was pictured in advertisements in 1890s.

Collection No 561

CREAMER  Wide-mouth, clear glass.  Cut "Essex".  Reference III #46 Line drawing book.

Collection No 896

CREAMER  Wide mouthed, #300 sugar and cream, cut "Marlboro".

Collection No 586

TANKARD JUG  Clear glass, cut "Marlboro".  Reference IL #40 Line drawing book.

Collection No 752

TANKARD JUG or MIRRORED JUG  having a crimped top.  Etched design not known.

Collection No 446


JUG  #886 Clear glass and etched "Kalana Flowers", two quart size.  One of two in home in Honesdale, PA.  When the first one sold for less than expected, the second was withdrawn.  The first is engraved "Miss Anna Hanlon", the second engraved "Michael Hanlon", a lawyer.  1905-1915

Collection No 115

FLEMISH JUG  also called a wine pitcher, 11-1/2" high, cut "Pariaian".

Collection No 529

JUG  #655 shape, clear glass.  Cut "Mandarin".

Collection No 579

JUG  Footed, clear glass.  Initials "ML" for Madaleine Peltier LaTournous.  The family believed that this piece was given to her by Nicholas Lutz as a going away present when he moved to Sandwich, MA.

Collection No 548

JUG  Wide mouthed, 9" high, clear glass, cut "Belmont", 1890-1895.

Collection No 109

TANKARD or MIRROED JUG  Dorflinger used bith names, etched design unknown.  Crack in bottom.

Collection No 556

JUG  Wide mouthed, milk size, clear glass.   Cut "Colonial".  This design was cut in the 1880s and was registered for both design and name, Colonial- An advertisement in Century Magazine listed it as Colonial.  Cutting covered by design patent D22581.

Collection No 248

JUG  Wide mouthed, 5 pint, cut "Dresden".

Collection No 442

JUG  Wide mouthed, 5 pint, cut "Dresden".

Collection No 563

JUG #48 shape, 5 pint size, clear glass, cut "Sultana".  This is an expanding star design.  Beginning from the center of the bottom of the jug, it continues in diagonal cuts to the lip.  Pre-1900.  One of the most beautiful designs produced here.

Collection No 159

JUG  #48 shape, 5 pint size, clear glass, cut "Russian".

Collection No 899


JUG  Common name for pitchers during Brilliant Glass period.  Two-pint size, cut "Parisian" on clear glass.  One of Dorflinger's early named patterns.  About 1895 White Mills.

Collection No 104

JUG  #48 shape, cut "Russian".

Collection No 791

CREAMER  Wide-mouthed, clear glass.  Design #394.  Reference III Line drawing No. 46

Collection No 895

PITCHER  Clear glass, pattern "Flutes" 1860-1865.  Attributed to Dorflinger.  Items such as this pitcher have so few characters that it is almost impossible to identify designs, makes or age within reason.  However, flutes, flat or concave, gave way to mitre cutting abut 1875 in U.S.

Collection No NN 7

WHISKEY JUG  Clear glass, cut "199".  The fine cross-hatching looks as though an attempt was made to polish it.  This is an indication that it was made and cut before the rotary brush wheel was in use.  Reference:  III Line drawing 20a.

Collection No 580

EWER  Engraved seven fishes, throat cut in "Hollow Diamond".  Late Brooklyn or early White Mills.  This shape cut in Hollow Diamond all over can be found in a number of museums.

Collection No 202

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