LaTournous Glass Collection

The Nicer Things


Collection No NN 104


HEARTS  Opal colors

Collection No NN 81


HEARTS  Colors by C. H. Dorflinger

Collection No NN 80


HEART  Green over clear

Collection No NN 64

DRAWER KNOBS  Clear glass cut in "Renaissance".  One blank.

Collection No NN 9

CURTAIN PULL  Clear glass, cut "Renaissance".

Collection No 146

NAPKIN RING  Clear glass.  Cut in "1175".  This design along with many lighter cutting designs appeared about 1900 and continued in the line until the factory closed.

Collection No 128


BOOK  Mitre cut, clear glass.

Collection No NN74

CARDHOLDER  Clear glass, cut "Lapidary".  Damaged.  Ref: Old Plate 35.

Collection No 901

STOPPER  Green, hollow blown, round top.

Collection No NN 94

STOPPERS  One clear, one green.

Collection No NN 86

HANDLE  Cut "Chester" expensive pattern.

Collection No 212


HANDLE  Cut "Russian".

Collection No 657


BUTTONHOOKS  Clear, air twist.

Collection No 612

HANDLE  4-1/2", to be fitted to fork, etc.

Collection No 153

BOOK BLANKS  Flat ground, then cut, polished.

Collection No 539

BELL  Royal over clear, "Parisian" 5-1/2"

Collection No 637

STOPPERS  One green, two blue

Collection No NN 78

LINERS  Royal blue, fitted in metal holder.

Collection No 534

BUTTONHOOK  Clear glass, etched handle

Collection No 674

BUTTONHOOK  Clear glass, outside twist.  All buttonhooks were made by workers in off time.

Collection No 682

CANDLESTICKS  "Heavy flute"  Reference III 222a.

Collection No 865

CANDLESTICKS  Venetian repro amber

Collection No NN 99

STOCKING DARNER  Another name for this item is a darning egg. This piece is in the Royal color.  Stocking darners were quite common until the 1920s.  These pieces were among the most practical items a glass worker could bring home.  At this time all stockings were made of wool or cotton and were in constant need of mending.

Collection No 333

LAMPSHADE  For a Princess lamp, 4-1/2" x 5" high  For pattern see reference III 202 in line drawing book.  This is also one of the double line cut diagonal from right to left forming diamond voids which were filled with the necessary motifs to create the pattern.

Collection No 306

ANCHOR  Lamp art work, multicolor canes.  When found, anchors were hanging from large loops of amber chain in an old home in Honesdale, PA.  Attributed to Nicholas Lutz.

Collection No 416


Collection No 417

BALLS  3" ruby, oval amber

Collection No NN 76

STOPPER  Royal blue

Collection No NN 79

OIL FONT  devoid of fittings.  During the 1800s in North America, the whale oil lamp was the main source of illumination during the dark hours of the day.  These lamps produced as much smoke as light.

About 1850 the kerosene lamp was developed, but this too, was smoky up until about the time Christian Dorflinger emigrated to Brooklyn.  He was offered financial help to construct a glass factory to develop a chimney to reduce the smoke.

Strangely enough, this was also the first item to be made at the White Mills site.  Source:  Letter by Dwight Dorflinger, grandson of Christian Dorflinger.

Collection No NN 5

Red, white and blue over white spirals.

Collection No NN 77

PESTLE  Clear glass, air twist, 4".

Collection No 686


STOPPERS  Green, assorted sizes.

Collection No 716

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