LaTournous Glass Collection

Paper Weights

PAPERWEIGHT  Cranberry over white - Tobias Hagberg

Collection No 435

PAPERWEIGHT  Red on wafer of white, silver stars and bits of silver.  Cracked.

Collection No NN 62

PAPERWEIGHT  Small, red white and blue swirled.

Collection No 810

PAPERWEIGHT  Light colors, multi-colors- six loops.

Collection No 483


PAPERWEIGHT  Multi-colors.

Collection No 439

PAPERWEIGHT  Floral bouquet-- Lutz type.

Collection No 690

PAPERWEIGHT  Basically yellow.  Attributed to John Gogard

Collection No 619

PAPERWEIGHT  Four sections, green over white.  Tobias Hagberg.

Collection No 436

PAPERWEIGHT  Multi-colors.  This weight does not contain a wafer.

Collection No 238


PAPERWEIGHT  Fine grind of green over white.  Smaller than 236.

Collection No 237

PAPERWEIGHT  Red-green sparkles on white.  Ernst Von Dohlin.

Collection No 636

PAPERWEIGHT  Mix of green and white.

Collection No 236


Collection No 905

PAPERWEIGHT  Four sections, ruby over white.

Collection No 239


PAPERWEIGHT  Mostly blue.

Collection No 665

PAPERWEIGHT  Four parts, pink and white-green and white.

Collection No 235

PAPERWEIGHT  Tall, two layers and base, mixed colors, center bubble.

Collection No NN 67

PAPERWEIGHT  Red, white and blue.  Maker unknown, made at Dorflinger Works.

Collection No 433

PAPERWEIGHT  Basically pink and yellow.  John Gogard.

Collection No 620


PAPERWEIGHT  Blue-white, Latticino.  Lutz type.

Collection No 734

PAPERWEIGHT  Green with mix of colors.

Collection No 560


PAPERWEIGHT  Red on white wafer.  3-1/4" Hamlin Auction

Collection No NN 63

PAPERWEIGHT  Small, low profile, Royal color.  White mills in scrambled letter.  From the Lansen home in White Mills.

Collection No 542


PAPERWEIGHT  Edward Jones of Charles Street met Katherine Kahleis of Hawley, PA in 1912 and were married in 1915.  Miss Kahleis lived in the house that Em Hirsch lived in until his death.

Collection No 796



Collection No NN 61


PAPERWEIGHT  Red, white and blue.

Collection No NN 60

PAPERWEIGHT  Christiana in white.  The name is misspelled.  Christiana is the correct spelling.  He was at that time the White Mills Erie Freight Agent.

Collection No 821

PAPERWEIGHT  Red, white and blue.  1913 C. Kahleis.

Collection No 795

PAPERWEIGHT  Tall, mixed colors on green.  Made by Ernst Von Dohlen.

Collection No 676

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