LaTournous Glass Collection


VASE  Footed, color apricot; stone engraved "910".  Fourteen inches in height.  Reference for shape - Feller.

Collection No 897


VASE  Footed, color green; stone engraved "910".  Twelve inches in height.

Collection No 892


VASE  12-1/4" high, ruffled top.

Collection No 326

VASE  Color rubina, ruffled flaired top, footed.

Collection No NN 47

VASE  8-1/2" high, color rubina which is a blending of clear glass to red, ruffled top.

Collection No 320

VASE  Clear, shape #836, etched "Kalana Asters", 8" high.

Collection No NN 32

VASE #836, "Kalana Azalea"

Collection No NN 101

VASE  #836, 12" high, "Kalana Pansy"

Collection No NN 100

VASE  #1082 shape, clear glass, cut "No. 256", reference 111 66, line drawing-pattern only-single line cutting.

Collection No 861


VASE  #865 clear glass, cut "Sharp Diamond", reference 111 104 1/2 in line drawing book.

Collection No 890


VASE  #865 shape, clear glass, cut "Rich", reference 111 99 in line drawing book

Collection No 719

VASE  #1103 clear glass, 14-1/2" hihg, cut "Tiffany"  1910-1919

Collection No 463

VASE  6-1/2" high, 4-1/4" diameter, color Kaufman house green.  "The color of this vase matches shards dug in the factory yard across School Street, near the corner of Charles Street from Mrs. Kaufman's home.  IT is the only complete piece I have seen in this color."  Ray LaTournous

Collection No NN 54

VASE  Opal green stick vase, Charles Dorflinger 1916-1919

Collection No 666

VASE  Tall, light green, optic. Rita Y., chip repaired.  Reference M Plate 70

Collection No NN 25

VASE  Cone vase, solid green 6" high, not ornamtented.  This piece given to Ray by Grace Thirsk.  She and her husband lived across Charles Street from the Eugene Dorflinger Store.

Collection No 427

VASE  Ruffled top in green fading to clear, optic, 10-1/4" high.

Collection No NN 46

VASE  Ruffled top, green to center, clear to base.

Collection No NN 48

VASE  "Kalana Pansy", reference M plate 124

Collection No NN 103

VASE  Venetian Reproduction, color amber, 9" height, 6" wide

Collection No NN 51

VASE  #1286 12" high, "Kalana Crocua".  This unusual design is an unusual combination of cutting and engraving.

Collection No 496

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